Free trial lesson.

Free trial lesson.

Welcome to Surfing Cultures, a place to learn Spanish from your cosy pad or your office. We know that to learn a language is a great tool to experience new music, literature, food and to discover new worlds.

We are based in Bogotá, Colombia and ready to help you to improve your Spanish anywhere you are. We offer you the opportunity to learn and practice Spanish, a language spoken by 572 million people worldwide.

We are native Spanish speakers from Colombia and we want you to take advantage of our rhythmical Spanish, a nice one to learn from. We have experience teaching Spanish in Asia, Europe and Latin America.

We will help you with online lessons tailored for your needs using a mic and a webcam.

We offer internet language lessons for all ages, levels and abilities. We approach the learning language process as an opportunity to explore cultures and we work with you to improve your general language skills, such as speaking, listening, writing and reading for you to be confident with the language in daily life, working or academic contexts.

If you are interested please write to us to arrange a free trial lesson.

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